Being taken care of after delivery

To love, to be astonished, to jump with joy? Having many questions, being tired and exhausted or even to struggle?

The first days at home with a newborn mean orientation and change. You didn’t have the opportunity to organize a midwife? - Familystart Zurich takes you from there. We help you find a midwife! The midwifes and nursing specialists in our network are well experienced. They are sensitive, competent and also ensure the medical care for mother and child after giving birth. Possible medical issues like a jaundice (icterus) with babies or galactostasis/breast infection can be diagnosed and treated at early stage.

Furthermore Familystart Zurich and Pro Juventute offers you a 24h-helpline. Please get in touch with the professional team of Pro Juventute by phone (058 261 61 61) or also online.

Aftercare at home

  • childbed care through a midwife or nursing specialist
  • breastfeeding advice throughout the entire breastfeeding period

Helpline (on local rates)

  • advice and support (DE, EN) on questions regarding pregnancy, delivery, childbed and breastfeeding as well as health and nursing of a newborn
  • Information about professional consulting services for families (e.g. Mütter- und Väterberatung, Spitex, pediatricians) and various classes for mothers


If you deliver in one of our partner hospitals (USZ, Triemli, Zollikerberg, Kantonsspital Winterthur, Spital Bülach) or if you live in the city of Zurich the placement is free. For all others an initial placement fee of CHF 50.-- occurs.

The service of your midwife is fully covered by your health insurance without charging your franchise or personal charges.

Your midwife is on-call service. Her 24/7 reachability is not covered by your health-insurance. For this service she can charge you with CHF 115.-- Usually the political municipality where you are a registered resident covers this. Please talk to your midwife if you are insecure about this fee.