An authentic counterpart

The demanding role of a midwife as support of a new mother and newborn in childbed is the focus of Familystart Zurich.

Goal of the association is to sustain the care and support of new mothers and their newborns beyond their stay at a hospital. Familystart Zurich offers a professional placement platform to self-employed midwives to help them maintain a long-term planning of their work (incl. replacements during their vacation etc).


Different membership categories offer midwives adaptable opportunities of participation and involvement.

Network and exchange

As a member of our association you are part of a network to maintain exchange of expertise with other people of the postpartal life-cycle. As a realiable partner in the health industry of new mothers and newborns and on the basis of contracts with our partner hospitals Familystart Zurich helps protect the position of self-employed midwifes. Also, a specialist and expert in the post-partum care our members co-create the role of midwives. To be grouped under the shared name of name of “Familystart Zurich” we try to raise awareness and the appreciation of midwives without losing sight of individual needs and concepts of the midwifes themselves (e.g. an individual logo).


The last education took place in September 2017. Topic: Sustain family health and midwife health – a systemic view on the childbed period and the work-life-balance of the midwife.