A strong network

After having realized that not every family with newborns is receiving after care some self-employed midwives organized themselves in a network. They founded the non-profit organisation Familystart Zurich.

Familystart Zurich stands for a coordinated, sustainable care concept for families with newborns. The academic support is guaranteed by the „institute of midwives“ at the ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften), the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and the School for applied sciencies in Bern.

The department of health from the city of Zurich supports us as well and so does the association „Hebammenzentrale Zurich“ and an expert group of the Swiss Midwife association. Consulting and support quality guidelines are given by the Swiss Midwife association.


The office is our administrative and operative hub. It organizes the helpline and especially the placements of every new mother on a midwife or nursing specialist. Managing director is Marion Läuppi.

Executive board of Familystart Zurich

The executive board is responsible for the strategic focus and objectives. It takes care of a continuous development of Familystart Zurich and establishes contact with all stakeholders. Furthermore the executive board takes care of the actual and future partner hospitals.

  • Carolina Iglesias, president
  • Regula Scherrer, vice-president
  • Clara Bucher
  • Christina Dittmann
  • Rebekka Erdin
  • Michael Früh
  • Clizia Iseppi
  • Regula Lanter

Projects and mandates

  • Corinne Graf-Dervey