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Some questions come up repeatedly. We have compiled a summary for you here.

Can I choose the midwife?

- No, if you are mediated by Familystart Zurich, you have no choice. We will assign you a midwife or nurse.

According to which criteria is the midwife assigned?

- Criteria are the availability of the midwife or nurse and their proximity to your place of residence or whereabouts during the puerperium.

Is it possible to provide support in languages ​​other than German?

- We take language preferences into account whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee this. In addition to your mother tongue, enter ALL other languages ​​in which you can communicate in the "Languages" input field. Otherwise, ask someone you trust to help you with the translation.

Is there a fee to find a midwife via Familystart Zurich?

- If you give birth in one of our partner hospitals - University Hospital Zurich, City Hospital Triemli, Spital Zollikerberg, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur - or live in the city of Zurich, the placement is free of charge. Otherwise, a placement costs CHF 50.00.

What do I have to do if I have registered but have organized a midwife myself in the meantime?

- As soon as you are registered with Familystart Zurich, you stop looking for a midwife. So there is no duplication.

Let us know if you find a midwife yourself so that we can cancel your registration with Familystart Zurich before the placement is successful. The fee of CHF 50.00 is due as soon as we have carried out an arrangement. The arrangement is also valid if you refuse a referral after you have registered.

Can I also register with Familystart Zurich for care during pregnancy?

- Enter your request for pregnancy care in the "Comments" input field. We try to find a midwife accordingly.

How many visits does the midwife make during the period of postpartum care?

- With the first child, you are entitled to a maximum of 16 visits within 56 days. From the second child there is a maximum of 10 visits. After a C-section, multiple birth or premature birth, a maximum of 16 visits are covered by the health insurance's basic insurance, even from the second child. A doctor's prescription is required for further visits.

What should I do if I want the same midwife as last time?

- Note the name of the midwife in the "Comments" input field. We try to take this wish into account.

What if my place of residence changes before postpartum care?

- Enter the previous and the new place of residence. Please enter the new place of residence in the "Comments" input field.

What do I have to do if I stay with my partner, parents, relatives or a friends place during pueriperium ?

- Enter your whereabouts during the postnatal period as the address. In the "Comments" input field, you can also enter the name of the person with whom you will be staying and their actual home address.